Experience Saxnäs

Sweden’s most beautiful mountain village, Saxnäs, is situated close to beautiful scenery, mountains, crystal clear waters, forest and complete silence. Stekenjokk, Marsfjällen and Satsfjället are three popular destinations you can easily get to from Saxnäs. The valley in which the village is located is rich with history and Sami culture.

- Fishing
- Hunting
- Paddling
- Hiking
- Downhill skiing
- Cross-country skiing
- Snowmobiling
- Mushroom picking
- Berry picking
- Boat riding
- Mountain biking
- Cycling
- Swimming
- Weight training

Popular attractions
- Fatmomakke
- Ricklundgården
- Norgefarargården
- Trappstegsforsen
- Fiskonfallet
- Middagskullen/Lulevardo
- Beaches in Saxnäs and Marsliden

- Saxnäs Lanthandel (grocery store and representative of Systembolaget, Svenska Spel, pharmacy and postal service)
- Saxnäsgården (with indoor pool, gym, sports hall, restaurant, lodging and rental service for outdoor gear)
- Marfjäll Mountain Lodge (restaurant, lodging and pub)
- Fjällslöjd (local handicrafts)
- Mimek & Mikabacken (snowmobile rental, cabins and workshop)
- Marsfjällen Express (bus, taxi and goods transport)