The fishing waters in Saxnäs and the surrounding areas are well-renowned amongst fishing
enthusiasts. Many return year after year. We’ll gladly give you advice on where to go fishing for the day. You can also purchase fishing licences, book a guided tour or fly fishing in one of our alloca-ted waters. We also have a well-stocked shop with fishing and outdoor gear.


Still water or streaming water. Forest areas or mountain ranges. There is a variety of environments to choose from when you are setting out on a fishing trip here. For fishing in the popular waters of Övre Fiskonbäcken and Ransarån, you are advised to book your visit well in advance. Njaka,
Stekenjokk, Marsån, Kultsjöån, Gikasjön and Kultsjön are other popular fishing waters nearby.


Lots of fishing enthusiasts visit during the winter with high expectations of catching char, and occasionally trout, in our waters.The season starts in November when the waters start freezing and lasts until June when the highest mountain lakes are still covered in ice. Ransarån, Kultsjön and Satssjön are some of the lakes popular for fishing during the winter season.

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