Övre Ransarån


It’s an 18 kilometre trekk along the river Ransarån from Tjåkkelestugorna to the lake Ransarn. This stretch of water has three allocated areas for fly fishing and a public area closest to the lake. The waters are mainly populated by trout, but there can also be char as far up as Skibbleselet. With plenty of calm waters, streams, waterfalls and crystal clear waters, one has to ask oneself if there area ny more beautiful mountain waters than these to go fly fishing in? Large trout fishes are spotted annually, some of which weigh up to three kilograms.

Allocated waters: From the suspension bridge up to Tjåkkelestugan. Fishing permits can only be purchased at Fiskecentrum Saxnäs.

The allocated waters are divided into three zones:
Zone B, from the suspension bridge downstream to Skibbleforsen
Zone C, from Skibbleforsen to Tjatjasebäcken’s inflow to Ransarån
Zone D, from Tjatjasebäcken’s inflow to Ransarån to Tjåkkelestugan

Fishing permits for the three zones can only be purchased at Fiskecentrum Saxnäs. Submitting a catch report is mandatory. The permits share the same price as the permits for state-owned waters, but with an additional charge when pre-booked.


24 hours: SEK 70
75 hours: SEK 125
7 days: SEK 220
Annual permit (for calender year): SED 440

The permits are personal, but can also be used by people under the age of 16 fishing together with the owner. An additional charge for pre-booking will be made for people under the age of 16, but the price for the actual permit will remain the same.
Deposit: 100 SEK, which will be returned after the catch report has been submitted.
Pre-booking fee: 200 SEK per 24 hours.

Fishing ban

15 September – 15 October

: 15/9 - 15/10.


Fly fishing with fly fishing rod only. A maximum of two fish measuring above 40 centimetres may be kept. Other catches must be released.

Additional info:

Only make fires in existing fireplaces. Do not litter. Handle fish that is about to be released carefully. Use a knotless landning net. Submit catch report.

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