Nedre ransarån


About 30 kilometres from Fiskecentrum Saxnäs are great allocated fly fishing waters (the stretch from the dam below the lake Ransarn to the lake Gikasjön), close to the road, where you have a great chance of catching a large trout or char. The season is long and begins in the early spring, often in May but sometimes as early as April. The summer months of June, July and August is an exciting period with lots of different insect hatchings. There are usually fewer fishermen occupying the waters during September, which appeals to many.

Regulations and general information

Fishing licenses

10 are granted per day. Eight can be reserved in advance and we draw lots for the last two every morning if the others are already sold-out. The fishing licence costs 135 SEK per day. A pre-booking fee of 200 SEK is charged from those who pre-book their licences ahead of their visit. The fishing license is valid between noon to noon of the day after.

Allocated waters

From the inlet Övre selet, downstream from the dam by Ransarn to Gikasjön.

Fishing ban

15 September – 15 October.


Only fly fishing allowed. One trout or char, 45 centimetres or longer, may be kept. The rest of the fish is to be released. A catch report comes attached to the fishing license.

Additional information

Only light fires in existing fireplaces. Don’t litter. Handle fish that is to be released carefully. Use a knotless landing net. Submit your catch report afterwards.

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